​​​Families United Against Police Brutality
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LOOK  AT THESE FACES. Each one of these people had a mother and  a father that loved them, they have a family that misses

them, A family that has been robbed of someone beautiful. these are human beings who deserved to live. They deserved to live free

from abuse. They deserved to be look at as people. Not attacked like animals in the street. These people could be your people.

 This could be your family member lying in the  middle of the street , attack for no reason. you could get hat call one day or perhaps

you could find out while watching he news one day that your child, your brother sister or parent has been killed unjustly by police

if that is not enough you could be the one who has to clear your loved ones name because people lied about the circumstance

surrounding your loved ones death and planted a gun at the scene. We are fighting for our loved ones justice but most importantly

we are trying save lives.