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The Inter Council for Mothers of Murdered Children (ICMMC), is a Non Profit 501 (c) 3 Organization. Although this group is specifically for Mother's, Grand-Mothers, Great-Grandmothers..., of Murdered Children anyone is welcome to join. The main focus is sharing stories of our loved ones and healing our community. We must take control of the spaces were we and our Community reside. 

The one thing all of the murders have in common is that most are given low priority. . We want solutions and suggestions actions that will stem the flow of violence affecting our community. ​


Anita Wills is a Writer, Author, and Activist who resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. Ms. Wills is available to speak to groups and at events on the impact of losing a child through Police Action! She Also speaks on the Prison Industrial Complex and Mass Incarceration. ​She has addressed diverse audiences at forums at UC Berkeley, Rise Up October, and numerous other venues.  Ms. Wills is featured in a film on the effects of Mass Incarceration, which is produced by John Legend. She is the founder of Inter Council For Mothers of Murdered Children, a member of Families United Against Police Brutality, and is a member of Essie Justice Group. Ms. Wills has been featured in several videos, on behalf of the Essie Justice Group. 

Ms. Wills is the Published Author of Five Books, including her latest release, A Nation of Flaws JustUs in the Homeland. 

A Nation of Flaws JustUs In the Homeland

For Information on Speaking Engagements Contact Anita Wills: 

Email: ntawls@gmail.com

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​​​There is a need for conversations on race in America on the role of Police and Law Enforcement. The Justice System is not equal and appears broken, when it comes arrests, abuse of power, Police killings, and Sentencing. In the pages of this book are stories of those who lost their lives due to police action. In a Nation of Immigrants there is an intolerance for the Natives whose land was stolen and the Africans whose Labor was stolen. However, the system functions to benefit the White Male Patriarchy it was founded on. The stories of Sandra Bland, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, and other lesser known deaths, are contained in this work. The history of lynchings and racial intolerance are also contained in this work. It is well worth the read to the public, students, and scholars.​